Simple JSON Store

Simple PHP Json object store. You can use it as a simple flat file CMS or a Headless CMS Backend.
Features: HTTP basic auth, Restful api, directory listing, filterable resource lists

Page loading layer

a simple vanilla js loading layer for page load.


a ligthwight and simple jQuery Cookie Layer.

jQuery.scrollBar Plugin

a ligthwight jQuery scrollbar plugin. Display the scrollbar cross-platform.

Secure Remote Password protocol (PHP/Js)

A php and Javascript implementation of the secure-remote-passowrd protocol for client and server.

cryptMessage (PHP/Js)

PHP repository for secure message exchange between applications. Full compatible with a equivalent Javascript code from the repository.

jQuery scrollsWith Plugin

a jQuery Sticky Sidebar Plugin

RTC Chat

Serverless RTC Chat with audio, video and text.

jQuery Suggest Plugin

Supports server and local search. Navigation in layer over key-events possible.


jQuery plugin for photo gallery using a horizontal masonry layout.


jHistory adds a transtation to load a page. You can refresh only a part of the page and show a waiting indicator.

Page Checker

With this Script, you can call a Website to get the Status, Response-Time, Respnse-Header, Content, ...


Hubert is a PHP micro framework that's fast, easy to use and easy to extend.


a simple Javascript file upload. supports chunk split of files and drag/drop.


a in-Browser presentation engine with server-side markdown-slides and pdf-download.

in action

Cellular-automaton and ant algorithms

dynamic svg-animation with raphaelJS.


dynamic cannonJS animation of collective transport by ants. with ChartistJS charts ans jPresentation slides.